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Hamer Guitar Models N-Z

Phantom A5 (1st version) (1982 - 1984) - Contoured body with scratch plate, offset double cutaways and offset waist, 22-fret mahogany fixed neck (24.75 inch scale) and three-a-side peghead with Hamerlock tuners. Fitted with triple-coil pickup and scratch plate mounted single-coil. The bridge is either a Sustain Block tremolo or Sustain Block fixed bridge. Later guitars have optional Kahler Flat Mount locking trem..

Phantom A5 (2nd version)(1984 - 1986) - Guitar is as above but has a six-on-a-side peghead and Kahler Flat Mount trem.. Early guitars have mahogany necks but changed to maple during 1985. Also available with added electronics as a synthesiser controller (Phantom A7).

Phantom GT (1984 - 1986) - Details as Phantom A5 (2nd version) but with a single Hamer Slammer humbucker and single volume control.

Prototype (1981 - 1985) - Contoured mahogany body with offset double cutaways and scratch plate. The neck has 22 frets (24.75 inch scale), rosewood fingerboard / dot inlays and three-a-side peghead. Originally the guitar had triple coil pickup and Sustain Block fixed bridge.Prototype II (1983 - 1985) has an extra scratch plate mounted single coil pickup and Kahler Flat Mount trem.. There is also a 12-String Prototype.

Prototype SS - see Steve Stevens.

Scarab (1984 - 1986) - Original shape multiple cutaway angular body with 22-fret neck (24.75 inch scale) and six-on-a-side peghead. The fingerboard can be rosewood or ebony and has dot, crown or LED fret markers. The Scarab II has two Hamer Slammer humbuckers; the Scarab I has a single humbucker and a small scratch plate. Usually fitted with Kahler Flat Mount trem. but other bridge systems also used.

Scepter (1985 - 1990) - Updated version of the Blitz with a sharply bevelled and more angular body and ebony fingerboard with boomerang inlays; otherwise details as for latest version of Blitz Guitar. Earliest version have 22 rather than 24 frets.

Scepter V (1985 - 1986) - Vee-shaped version of the Scepter with a bevelled angular body and ebony fingerboard with boomerang inlays; otherwise details as for Scepter.

Special (1st version) (1980 - 1983) - Double cutaway unbound body with flat flame maple top (opaque colours also available), glued-in 22-fret mahogany neck (24.75 inch scale) with rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays and three-a-side peghead. Fitted with two DiMarzio PAF humbuckers and Sustain Block bridge.

Special (Floyd Rose) (1984 - 1985) - As above but has all mahogany body, but with optional ebony fingerboard with crown inlays, smaller peghead, Hamer Slammer humbuckers and Floyd Rose trem..

Special (2nd version) (1992 - date) - Similar to the 1st version but has all mahogany construction, tune-o-matic type bridge with stop tailpiece and two Seymour Duncan P90 Soapbar pickups. Also available with humbuckers.

Special FM (1993 - date) - As the 2nd version but has figured maple top and two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Known as the Special Custom from 1997.

Standard (1974 - 1985 and 1995 - date) - Explorer-style bound body with flame maple top (also unbound bodied guitars and opaque finishes), glued-in neck with 22-frets (24.75 inch scale), steeply angled peghead (scimitar) and either unbound neck with dot inlays or bound neck with crown inlays. The guitar has a tune-o-matic type bridge, stop tailpiece and two humbuckers. Tuners also changed from Grovers to Schallers around 1979. Reissued in 1995. A limited run of Korina Standards has also been produced (1995 - 1996). From 1997 the most basic Standard has solid unbound mahogany body and scratchplate.

Steve Stevens I (1984 - 1992) - Known as the Prototype SS the original guitar has a contoured symmetrical double cutaway body, a 22-fret neck (24.75 inch scale length), Hamer six-on-a-side peghead and either a rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays or an ebony fingerboard with crown inlays (Custom). Hardware includes one humbucker and two single coil pickups and a Floyd Rose locking trem. (Kahler trems. also fitted). The name was changed to Steve Stevens and the number of frets on most guitars increased to 24 (from 1986) although some 22-fret examples were still made. Some guitars from 1987 may have longer 25.5 inch scale length.

Steve Stevens II (1986 - 1987) - Similar to the Steve Stevens I but has a slightly altered body shape (similar to the Prototype) and only two angled pickups (one single coil and one humbucker). 24.75 inch scale length up to early 1987 with 24 frets; thereafter 25.5 inch with 22 frets. Rosewood board with dot inlays or ebony board with crown inlays (Custom).

Sunburst (1977 - 1983 and 1990 - 1992) - Same styling and hardware as the Special (1st version) but with a bound body. Bound neck and crown inlays were also an option. The earliest examples have a bridge raised up on a wooden shim but these were replaced by the Sustain Block bridge during 1978. Early guitars also have a noticeably longer peghead. In 1980 Grover tuners were replaced with Schallers. Reissued in 1990; Floyd Rose trem. is an option on the recent guitars but these guitars have a maple neck.

Sunburst Archtop (1991 - date) - Similar styling to the Sunburst but with a carved figured maple archtop (opaque finishes have all mahogany construction) and fitted with a tune-o-matic bridge, stop tailpiece (Floyd Rose also an option) and Seymour Duncan humbuckers. The Standard guitar has a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, the Custom has a bound neck with crown inlays. Later known as just the Archtop (from 1994 -1997) and then as the Studio Custom (same as Custom above) from 1997. The Studio version (from 1993 - date) is the same as the Archtop Standard but with an unbound body; guitars from 1995/6 are fitted with a Wilkinson Hardtail Wrap Around bridge. Known from 1997 as the Studio. The Archtop GT (1993 - 1997) is the same as the Archtop Standard and Custom but has a gold top (black also available) and is fitted with P-90 Soapbar pickups.

Studio - see Sunburst Archtop.

T51 (1993 - 1997) - Single cutaway slab body (Telecaster style) of southern ash with a 22-fret bolt-on maple neck (25.5 inch scale length) with black dot markers. Hardware includes two Seymour Duncan single coil pickups (one mounted on the scratchplate) and Wilkinson HT100 bridge. Also available with a piezo-electric Fishman Power Bridge.

T62 (1991 -1995) - Similar styling to the Daytona but has a smaller body and a birds-eye maple neck with Pau Ferro fingerboard; fitted with an ABM roller-saddle non-locking trem. and a three-band active EQ.

TLE (1986 - 1992) - Single cutaway mahogany body usually with a flat maple top and a 24-fret glued-in neck (24.75 inch scale). The basic guitar has a Hamer six-on-a-side peghead, rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The Custom has a bound body, ebony fingerboard, boomerang inlays and a steeply angled peghead. Hardware on most guitars consist of a Floyd Rose trem. or Sustain-block bridge and humbucker/two single coil pickups (Hamer Slammer or OBL). The most recent guitars have a thicker contoured maple top (body usually unbound).

Vector (1982 - 1985) - Vee-shaped body (with optional flame maple top) with 22-fret neck (24.75 inch scale length), Hamer three-a-side peghead, rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. The two humbuckers are DiMarzio on early guitars and later replaced by Hamer Slammers. Most have a Sustain Block fixed bridge but Sustain Block, Kahler or Floyd Rose trems. may also be fitted. A limited run of Korina Vectors were built in 1997 which were essentially replicas of the original Flying Vee.

Vector KK (1984 - 1985) - Similar to the Vector but has a single humbucker, small scratch plate, Kahler Flat Mount trem. and a pointed three-a-side peghead.

Vintage S (1990 - 1997) - Very similar to the T62 but has a figured maple body and no scratch plate, optional humbucker in the bridge position. The earliest version however had a Floyd Rose trem. and a humbucker in the bridge position.

Virtuoso (1987 - 1991) - Small contoured double cutaway body with a glued-in 36-fret neck (26.25 inch scale length) with maple fingerboard, six-on-a-side reversed peghead and a scalloped neck/body joint. Fitted with a single Seymour Duncan "Hot Rails" pickup and either Floyd Rose or Kahler trem..