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Hamer Serial Number Page
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0000    "Standard. Dot inlay(wide octave markers), sunburst, controls parallel to neck, PAF's, treble side Grovers (?), small logo, switch ring (RN) (1974)"
0001    "Standard Bass. Dot inlay, black w/gold (or silver) sparkle, Gibson Thunderbird electronics, owned by Martin Turner."
0002    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, PAF in bridge (Martin Barre)"
0004    "Standard. Dot inlay (wide octave markers), natural, PAF's (neck pickup with cover), small logo, switch ring (RN)"
0005    "Standard. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, black coil PAF's, black switch ring and mounting rings added, treble side Grovers, small logo, alt. serial # placement (Ill)"
0006    Standard. (CT)
0008    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, PAF's "
0012    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst (Ill.)"
0017    "Standard. Crown inlay, dark sunburst, small logo, switch ring (FSM-PA)(1976)"
0022    "Standard. Dot inlay(wide octave markers), dark tobacco burst, small logo, switch ring, alt. Serial # placement (1975)(CA)"
0038    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, bound ebony board, switch ring (CA)"
0046    "Standard Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst, Kahler, new tuners added(CA)"
0049    "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, replaced bridge pickup (NJ)"
0058    "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst (1977)(UK)"
0060    Standard. 
0072    Standard. Cherry sunburst-destroyed in a fire. (From K. Keller)    
0075    "Standard. Crown inlay, natural (CA)"
0077    Standard. 
0078    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, Kahler added (1977)(PA)"
0079    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst (PA)"
0080    "Mandocello. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, Standard shaped (1977) (RN)"
0100    "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, Grovers (CT)"
0102    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst "
0105    "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, brass nut (FSM-PA)"
0108    "Standard. Dot inlay, tobacco sunburst, Sperzels  (1978) (CA)"
0120    "Standard. Block inlay/ebony board, cherry sunburst, Left handed model (CA) (1978)"
0126    "Standard. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, Rick Nielsen (1978)"
0127    "Vector. Crown inlay, sunburst, three pickups, ""Steve's Baby"" inscribed truss cover (CA)"
+0127   "Standard. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, RN model. (CA)"
0132    3/4 Standard. Dot inlay cherry sunburst.(1978) (RN)
0133    "Standard. Crown inlays, sunburst, mini switch added, repl. bridge pickup rumored to have belonged to T. Bolin, although this is not possible"
0152    "Vector. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, Rick Nielsen (1979)"
0153    "Vector. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, RN model (1979)(CA)"
0160    Standard.
0163    "Mandocello. Dot inlay, Standard shaped, cherry sunburst (CA)"
0173    "Standard. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, tags (CA)"
0174    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst. (CA)"
0178    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, gold hardware, coil tap switch (1979)(CA)"
0181    "Standard. Dot inlay, yellow, Floyd Rose (1979) (RN)"
0205    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, heel repair (1979)"
0213    "Standard. Dot inlay(wide octave markers), natural, pickup covers (MN)"
0214    "Standard. Bowtie inlay, b/w custom checkerboard, RN signature-contest guitar"
0215    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst. (1979)(WI) "
0221    "Standard. Dot inlay, antique cherryburst, Pat # p/u's, Owned by C. Huhn (1979)"
0231    "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst (1979)(CA) "
0244    "8 String Bass. Dot inlay, cherry (1979) (UK)"
0250    "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, Kahler added (NY) "
0283    "Standard. Crown inlay, amberburst, Grovers, w/tags (IA) "
0287    "8 String Bass.  Dot inlay, black (Ill)"
0294    "Standard. Custom spiderweb inlay, deep blue, "Widowmaker"" inscribed on truss rod cover. (CA)"
0304    "8 String Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst, active preamp (CA)"
0305    "8 String Bass. Dot inlay, red transparent, active preamp, single p/u (CA)"
0312    "Standard. Dot inlay, black, guard added, new bridge, unbound body(ME)"
+0326   "Standard. Natural, gold hardware, Gibson neck p/u (Australia)"
0326    "Standard. Dot inlay, amberburst, refretted w/jumbo frets, chrome hardware,  Kahler, Grovers (FSM-PA)"
0332    "Standard. Dot inlay, natural, Gibson p/us, gold hardware, new nut (Australia)"
0357    "Standard. Sunburst, retopped and re-inlaid fingerboard (heavily modified) "
0381    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherryburst, replaced bridge pickup, Kahler installed (CA)"
0382    "Standard. Dot inlay, greenburst, Grovers, switch ring (1980)(CA) "
0398    "Standard. Crown inlay, transparent green "
0404    "Quadbass 12 String.  Dot inlay, cherry sunburst (NY)"
0408    "12 String Bass. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, preamp, 1 p/u (Canada)(1980)"
0409    "Standard 12 (guitar). Crown inlay, faded sunburst, gold parts, P-90's, two tone/two volume controls, mini switch (CT)"
0414    "Standard. black, black chrome sustain block bridge, mini switches added (UK) "
0416    "Vector. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, flametop w/ LP Custom style binding, bound Standard-style headstock, gold hardware.(CA)
0431    "Standard.  Dot inlay, cherry sunburst (MA)"
0432    "Baby Standard. Ebony/dots, raspberry satin metallic/binding (1/12)(CA)"
0454    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst (CA)"
0476    "Standard Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst (MA)"
0506    "Standard. Dot inlay, natural "
0514    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry red. (1981)(UK)"
0517    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, replaced knobs (TX)"
0543    "12 String Bass. '59 burst, refin cherry red/EMG's added (1981)"
0546    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry red, Kahler added (8/28/81)"
0572    "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, Kahler/EMG bridge added (MD)"
0580    "Standard. Dot inlay, 3 tone sunburst, tags, headstock repair (IA)"
0599    "Standard 8 String Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst, X2N pickups, exp.bridge"
0601    "Standard Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst. (built for and owned by Tom Petersson)"
0649    "Standard Bass 8 String.  Dot inlay, red transparent *STOLEN* "
0658    "Standard. ""Gonna Raise Hell"" inlay, yellow w/flames, Floyd Rose (1982) (RN)"
0679    "8 String Bass. Dot inlay, red, OBL active/passive pickups (Canada)"
0687    "Standard. Dot inlay, amberburst, replaced bridge pickup (CA)"
0713    "4 String Bass-short scale. Dot inlay, ice pearl, custom order (3/28/84)"
0721    "Standard. Crown inlay, cherry red w/matching headstock, pearl inlaid Hamer logo, gold hardware.  (1984)(CA) "
+0721   "Standard. Crown inlay, cherry red. (1984) (last seen in DC area)"
0722    "Standard. Dot inlay, walnut finish. (5/84)(UK)"
0743    12 String Bass. Dot inlay blueburst w/moons/planets. (1985) (RN)
0744    "Standard. Crown inlay, black, gold parts, left handed model (CA)"
0989    "12 String Bass. Dot inlay, white, X2N pickups, active preamp, logo in lower case letters, formerly owned by RN (CA)"

Hamer Serial Number List
7 0001  "Sunburst. Crown inlay (1st position), sunburst, black knobs (CT)"
7 0013  "Sunburst.  Inlay, sunburst (UK)"
7 0079  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, black knobs, headstock repair (Ill)"
7 0094  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst (Australia)"
8 0131  Sunburst. Sunburst 
8 0134  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst (SC)"
8 0160  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black, owned by Martin Barre "
8 0167  "Sunburst. white, no binding, for Pastore Music-NJ"
8 0173  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst (MD)"
8 0188  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (UK)"
8 0194  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black (UK)"
8 0196  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Dan Armstrong headstock, T.B. (UK)"
8 0213  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black"
8 0214  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black"
8 0215  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black"
8 0243  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst (CA)"
8 0258  "Baby Standard. Dot inlay, black"
8 0280  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst "
8 0282  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, wooden bridge shim, black knobs (UK)"
8 0283  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, natural (7/17/78)"
8 0298  "Sunburst. Block inlay, black"
8 0299  "Sunburst. Block inlay, black, 1st prototype new bridge (M.Barre)(8/1/78)"
8 0300  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (8/7/78)"
8 0346  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, wooden bridge shim (GA)(9/4/78)"
8 0372  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Dan Armstrong headstock (2d one)(9/14/78)"
8 0430  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, converted to stop tail/tuneomatic, replaced bridge pickup, Schallers (CA)(10/3/78)"
8 0443  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, tobacco burst, wooden bridge shim, crack in face along knobs, brass nut "
8 0449  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black, three pickups (10/3/78)"
8 0450  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black, three pickups (10/3/78) "
8 0451  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, 1st production new bridge-no shim (10/13/78)"
8 0452  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst"
8 0470  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, brown back test (10/13/78)"
8 0495  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, headstock repair, changed pickups, no wooden bridge shim. (PA) "
8 0508  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, white, built for Johnny Ramone (11/3/78)"
8 0509  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, light sunburst, factory stop tailpiece (11/16/78)"
8 0523  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, Gibson patent # pickups (TX) (11/21/78)"
8 0544  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black"
8 0545  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, red (11/28/78)"
8 0562  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry (12/11/78)"
8 0569  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, red (12/15/78)"
8 0575  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, tobacco sunburst (12/19/78)"
8 0578  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, white, built for Johnny Ramone (12/20/78)"
8 0586  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, natural (12/29/78)"
8 0607  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, very dark sunburst (12/29/78)"
9 0608  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, dark sunburst (1/12/79)"
9 0615  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry (1/12/79) "
9 0638  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Dan Armstrong-style headstock, made for Billy Bremner of Rockpile (UK)(1/19/79)"
9 0718  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black (2/9/79)"
9 0719  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black (2/9/79)"
9 0720  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, natural (2/21/79)"
9 0761  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, natural (CT)"
9 0779  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, orange (3/9/79)"
9 0873  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, green transparent, owned by Ian Anderson (UK)(4/9/79)"
9 0915  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, gold knobs (UK)(5/6/79)"
9 0933  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, green (5/79)"
+9 1969 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, yellow, built for Rick Nielsen (5/11/79)"
+9 1984 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, red, built for Rick Nielsen (5/11/79)"
9 1016  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, natural, first production three piece neck (6/8/79)"
9 1060  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dot inlay, dark sunburst, changed to black (6/29/79)"
9 1061  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, holes drilled for Badass bridge, converted to lefty nut and bridge, (6/29/79)"
9 1068  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry, replaced bridge pickup, refret (MI)"
9 1070  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, black knobs (FSM-PA)(6/29/79)"
9 1089  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent "
9 1103  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (Norway)"
9 1122  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, flags of the world interchangeable top (RN)(7/31/79)"
9 1132  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black (UK)"
9 1164  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, blue (8/10/79)"
9 1166  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (8/16/79) "
9 1192  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, faded sunburst (CA)"
9 1193  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark honeyburst (MD)"
9 1211  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent (UK)"
9 1226  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent (MI)"
9 1229  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, black knobs (WI)"
9 1237  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, gold knobs (NJ)"
9 1291  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (CT)"
9 1323  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black, changed knobs (cream) (WI)"
9 1352  Sunburst. Dot inlay (NY)
9 1377  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, minor binding damage, gold knobs (WI)"
9 1397  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, transparent cherry red, black knobs (NJ)"
9 1402  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black (UK)"
9 1431  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent"
0 1520  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (CT)"
0 1523  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, Gibson tuners "
0 1524  Sunburst. Dot inlay (NY)
0 1636  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (NJ)"
0 1680  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst flametop, missing truss rod cover, had been repainted black and then stripped to original, replaced knobs"
0 1692  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry"
0 1815  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent "
0 1856  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, Duncan p/us, push/pull pots (CA)"
0 1865  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent (UK)"
0 1965  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, mild flame, jumbo refret (MI)"
0 1987  "Sunburst. 1980 World Tour inlay, Japanese flag finish (RN)"
0 2001  "Special. Dot inlay, transparent yellow (UK)"
0 2013  "Special. Dot inlay, sunburst, ""Bill"" engraved on truss rod cover "
0 2112  "Special. Dot inlay, sky blue w/matching headstock  (7/80)(FSM-PA)"
0 2128  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Kahler added "
0 2167  "Special. Dot inlay, yellow transparent, headstock repair in 1987 "
0 2168  "Special. Dot inlay, transparent cherry "
0 2170  "Special. Dot inlay, transparent cherry, black knobs (FSM-PA)"
0 2180  "Special. Dot/""Day Tripper"" inlay, white w/Beatles graphic (R. Nielsen)"
0 2197  "Special. Dot inlay, natural, black knobs (FSM-PA)"
0 2340  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, gold knobs "
0 2393  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, black knobs (MD)"
0 2412  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst (NY)"
0 2436  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, highly flamed, refretted, Kahler and black LP pickguard added, replaced pickups (Canada)"
1 2482  "Special. Dot inlay, green transparent, active boost, push/pull pots "
1 2536  "Custom Five Neck. Orange, fretless six/six/vibrato/six/twelve (RN)"
1 2554  "Prototype. Dot inlay, natural mahogany, six-in-line tuners on headstock-1st prototype, script ""Prototype"" on black pickguard (CT)"
1 2566  "Special. Dot inlay, natural (plaintop), black speed knobs, ""Chris"" inlaid on truss rod cover (NJ)"
1 2631  "Special. Dot inlay, sunburst, medium flame, gold knobs (SC)"
1 2847  "Special. Dot inlay, sunburst, black knobs (WA)"
1 2838  "Vector. Dot inlay, natural, hardtail bridge repl.Kahler, head repair (TX)"
1 2925  "Special. Dot inlay, black and white graphic (CA)"
1 2966  "Special. Dot inlay, natural, EMG's, Tele knobs and mini switch added "
1 2974  "Special. Dot inlay, natural, replaced pickups & hardware, head repair"
1 3102  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, replaced bridge pickup (PA)"
1 3164  "Prototype. Dot inlay, tobacco sunburst, white p/g added, bridge p/u replaced, ""Secret Weap."" on headstock (Ill)"
1 3232  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst "
1 3288  "Special. Dot inlay, b/w graphic, Floyd Rose added, new p/u's (NY)"
1 3337  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, refret, ""JBD 10/31/81"" inscribed control plate (WA)"
1 3399  "Vector. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst "
1 3447  "Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, coil tap added (MN)"
1 3469  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, routed for third pickup (FSM-PA)"
1 3490  "Vector. Dot inlay, natural, Kahler added (CA)"
1 ****  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, blueburst, changed bridge PU (CA)"
1 3517  "Special. Dot inlay, transparent green, Sperzels, Reflex pickups (Ill)"
1 3532  "Special. Dot inlay, emerald green "
1 3542  "Special. Dot inlay, orig. Finish stripped (black or graphic) new pts (NY)"
1 3578  "Special. Dot inlay, black and white graphic finish w/tags (FSM-PA)"
1 3657  "Special. Dot inlay, green transparent (NJ)"
1 4026  "Prototype. Dot inlay, sunburst/black guard, cream, coils (CA)"
1 4027  "Prototype. Dot inlay, mahogany, P-90 added, no P/G, neck crack, black bridge, extra route in neck pocket (NC)"
1 4074  "Prototype. Dot inlay, mahogany/black guard, replaced pickups"
1 4186  "Vector. Dot inlay, natural (UK)"
1 4333  "Prototype. Dot inlay, tobacco sunburst "
1 4417  "Prototype. Dot inlay, mahogany/ black guard.(CA)"
1 4437  "Prototype. Dot inlay, sunburst (UK)"
1 4438  "Prototype. Dot inlay, sunburst/black guard, tags (Ill)"
1 4653  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, sunburst, black guard (MD)"
2 4935  "Special. Dot inlay, tobacco sunburst (MD)"
2 5014  "Prototype. Dot inlay, sunburst, black guard, repl. humbucker (FL)"
2 5259  "Special. Dot inlay, opaque red (IN)"
2 5280  "Prototype. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, black guard, replaced pickups, coil tap switch added (Canada)"
2 5481  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, cherry transparent (UK)"
2 5514  "Special. Dot inlay, natural  (MD)"
2 5515  "Special. Dot inlay, natural, converted to/from lefty (nut and bridge)(WI)"
2 5535  "Special. Dot inlay, sunburst (UK)"
2 5581  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, fade on back of neck (Ontario)"
2 5612  "Prototype. Dot inlay, red w/ red pickguard (UK)"
2 5619  "Prototype. Dot inlay, natural w/black pickguard (UK)"
2 5670  "Prototype. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, w/white pickguard (UK)"
2 5684  "Special. Dot inlay, natural (UK)"
2 5807  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, orig. Black, refin cherry transparent  "
2 6221  "Special. Dot inlay, natural "
2 6343  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, mahogany (GA)"
2 6472  "Special. Dot inlay, black over cherry (MN)"
2 6569  "Special. Dot inlay, natural (Holland)"
2 6646  Prototype. Dot inlay (NY)
2 6753  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, cherry transparent "
2 6792  "Vector. Dot inlay, cherry red quilt top (NY)"
2 6816  "Prototype. Dot inlay, white, white pickguard, cream p/u coils (CT)"
2 6990  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst. (UK)"
2 7098  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, faded honeyburst "
2 7146  "Vector. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, flame top, hardtail bridge (OH)"
2 7164  "Special. Dot inlay, laser pearl, Washburn tremolo/lock nut installed (MI)"
2 7189  "8 String Bass. Bomb inlay/LED side inlay, camouflage finish w/Shark mouth graphic, LED Eyeball, special headstock, made for B. Orr of the Cars (CA)"
2 7206  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, laser pearl (NY)"
2 7233  "Sunburst. Dot inlay, white w/black binding, black speed knobs (NJ)"
2 7299  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, laser pearl, sustain block bridge (WA)"
2 7302  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, cherry, white pickguard, hardtail"
3 7375  "Phantom A5.  Dot inlay, replaced neck pickup "
3 7561  "Blitz. Dot inlay, midnight pearl, sustain block bridge (UK)"
3 8038  "Vector. Dot inlay, natural flametop, Kahler replaced by hardtail bridge, headstock repair (TX)"
3 8236  "Phantom A5.  Dot inlay, (yellowed) white finish, sustain block br. "
3 8467  "Special. Dot inlay, sunburst "
3 8488  "Phantom A5.  Dot inlay, Pearl white, Kahler "
3 8492  "Blitz. Dot inlay, flame maple cap, sunburst w/cream binding, 3+3 headstock, hardtail bridge, black knobs "
3 8576  "Blitz. Dot inlay, ice pearl, sustain block trem, no pickups"
3 8643  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, black, gold hardware "
3 8700  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, ice pearl, black pickguard, chrome hdwre (OH)(7/13/83)"
3 8718  "Vector. Dot inlay, B/W Schenker graphic, chrome hardware (FL)"
3 8931  "Prototype. Dot inlay, black, black pickguard "
3 8949  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, midnight blue, white p/g, Hamer trem "
3 8985  "Vector. Dot inlay, ice pearl refin by Hamer, Hamer trem "
3 9287  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, metallic gold/black guard, vibrato(MD)"
3 9369  "Blitz. Dot inlay, black/white Zebra finish, 3+3 tuners, Floyd Rose "
3 9425  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, b/w graphic, Hamerlock tuners, Hamer trem (FL)"
3 9551  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, candy apple red, white pickguard, Hamer trem (CA)"
3 9643  
4 9933  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, pearl white, white pickguard, Hamer trem "
410015  "Special Fretless. No inlay, natural flametop, 24K side dot markers, Duncan pickups, tags (CA)"
410062  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, white (VA)"
410065  "Phantom 12. Dot inlay, candy apple red, white p/g, chrome hardware (OH)"
410206  "Blitz. Dot inlay, black, chrome hardware, Hamerlock tuners, Washburn Wonderbar tremolo added (FL)"
410231  "Vector. Dot inlay, red transparent, flametop, Kahler added (MD)"
410350  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, metal grey, Kahler, black. hardware (FSM-PA)"
410370  "Special. Dot inlay, candy apple red/matching headstock, Hamerlock tuners, Sustain block trem, two mini switches, black coil pickups (CA)"
410392  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, red/black zigzag graphic "
410406  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, black, black pickguard, Hamer trem (Canada)"
410460  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, candy apple red, Kahler (CA)"
410489  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, P-Bass pickup replaced/painted "
410552  "Blitz. Dot inlay, candy apple red, Kahler, refret "
410709  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, midnight blue metallic, Kahler, chrome hardware, tags, Hamerlock tuners (FSM-PA)    "
410787  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, black, replaced p/u's, broken headstock "
410793  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, black, black pickguard, black Kahler, chrome hardware, finish worn off of back of neck (NY)"
410803  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, candy apple red, Kahler, black hardware (NY)"
410817  "Blitz. Dot inlay, b&w zebra finish, 3+3 headstock, Hamerlock tuners "
410855  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, candy apple red/white p/g, Kahler, 5 way switch and Bartolini pickups, supposedly owned by Uriah Heep."
410947  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, candy apple red, Kahler bass trem.(PA)"
410979  "Phantom GT. Dot inlay, black, X2N pickup (NY)"
411005  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, ice pearl, EMG's added (FSM-PA)"
411309  "Scarab I. Dot inlay, pink pearl, chrome Kahler,  ""Birthday Gift"" (R. Nielsen)"
411316  "Vector KK. Dot inlay, natural flametop/cherry back & sides, Hamerlock tuners, single pickup/cream pickguard (Canada)"
411320  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, candy apple red, Kahler, black hardware, extra tone control added, new p/u (WA)"
411530  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, metal grey, Floyd Rose (WA)"
411634  "FB I. dot inlay, white, Prototype, triple coil and single coil pickups, white/black hardware, Floyd Rose, one volume control, three selector switches,  Standard-style headstock, headstock repair, signed by Ratt, built for Robbin Crosby (Holland)"
411675  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, white, body finish stripped, Kahler "
411803  "Scarab I. dot inlay, black, new electronics, black Floyd Rose "
411852  "Vector KK. Dot inlay, cherry transparent flametop, Kahler, chrome hardware, two pickup model, no pickguard, black binding, tags.(CO) "
412019  "Vector KK. Dot inlay, black, Kahler,  neck crack repair "
412060  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, black w/pinstriping by Alan Johnson (NY)"
412152  "Scarab II. Dot inlay, red "
412438  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, Black/red Zulu finish "
512505  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, candy apple red, black pickguard (FL)"
512521  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, metallic blue, headstock repair "
512532  "Phantom A7. Dot inlay, ice pearl, white p/g, black hardware, Kahler, Roland synth electronics, 6 in line headstock (OH)"
512575  "Scarab II. Dot inlay, candy green metallic, Kahler, black hardware "
512607  "Prototype SS. Crowns, black sparkle, fuchsia Steve Stevens signature/ logo, 3 fuchsia buttons w/spaceship/raygun presets, slanted pickups (CT) "
512634  "Prototype SS. Dot inlay, ice pearl (matching headstock), black hardware, Floyd, replaced mini switch (NJ)"
512736  "Scarab Bass. Red LED dot inlay, red/black Zulu finish"
512842  "SS-I. Dot inlay, candy apple red (FL)"
512896  "Prototype II. Crown inlay, Kahler "
513100  "Prototype SS. Dot inlay, black, Floyd Rose, blk. hardware "
513183  "Scarab II. Dot inlay, candy apple red (refin?), black hardware, Kahler "
513376  "Prototype II. Dot inlay, dark green pearl, black guard, chrome hardware, Kahler back of neck wear to wood (AZ)"
513462  "SS-I.  Dot inlay, neon pink, black hardware, Floyd Rose, ""L.T."" inscribed truss rod cover (Canada)"
513514  "SS-I. Dot inlay, purple metallic, Floyd Rose (RI)"
513659  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, blue, black pickguard and hardware "
513702  "SS-1. Dot inlay, metallic pink pearl, 22 fret (NY)"
513721  "Scepter. Boomerang inlay, ice pearl (finish stripped), 22 fret (FSM-PA)"
513729  "SS-1. Crown inlay, white, white/gold hardware, Floyd Rose (FSM-PA)"
513811  "Miller Beer. Dot inlay, gold back/Miller logo front (R. Nielsen)"
513977  "Phantom A5. Crown inlay/bound fingerboard, black, chrome hardware, Kahler (CA)"
514120  "Phantom A7. Dot inlay, black/red Zulu, black p/g, chrome hardware, Kahler, Roland synth electronics, six in line headstock (Ill)"
514185  "SS-I. Dot inlay, yellow (faded white?) (Canada)"
514214  "Scepter V. Boomerang inlay, pearl pink, black hardware, tags (AZ) "
514317  "SS-I. Dot inlay, black, chrome hardware, replaced bridge pickup (NY)"
514346  "FB I. no inlay (pearl block side markers), white, black/white  hardware, Floyd Rose, single humbucker (CA)"
514349  "Blades Bass. Offset dot inlay, Lavender/fuchsia binding, four in line headstock, white hardware, medium scale, EMG's, owned by J. Blades"
514378  "Scepter V. Boomerang inlay on ebony, black/red, Floyd Rose, black hardware, headstock damage (FSM-PA)"
514473  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, ice pearl, black hardware (FL)"
514517  "Miller Beer Guitar.  Dot inlay, white top/red pinstripes, ""Miller Music"" "
514559  "SS-I. Dot inlay, black (Ill)"
514608  "Saxophone Synth Guitar. Saxophone finish/shape, Roland Synth (R. Nielsen)"
514719  "SS-I. Crown inlay, pearl red metallic, chrome hardware, back of neck sanded (TX)"
615047  "Blitz. Dot inlay, midnight blue metallic, black hardware, Kahler (GA)"
615063  "SS-I. Dot inlay, pink pearl, chrome hardware, neck finish stripped "
615108  "Scarab II. Dot inlay, white/black Zulu, replaced Floyd Rose "
615138  "Blitz. Dot inlay, original white finish refinished blue with stripes, chrome hardware, Floyd Rose. (WI)"
615144  "Chaparral Custom. Boomerang inlay/ebony, ice pearl, SD bridge p/u"
615175  "Phantom A7. Dot inlay, natural mahogany, black p/g, chrome hardware, Kahler, Roland synth electronics, 6 in line headstock (OH)"
615297  "SS-I. Candy red, black parts "
615365  "Blitz. Dot inlay, sunburst, flametop, Kahler (NY)"
616064  "SS-I. Crown inlay, black w/fuchsia lettering (Canada)"
616099  "Chaparral Custom. Boomerang inlay/ebony, sky blue pearl, Kahler, chrome hardware, made for Fernando Von Arb (FSM-PA)"
616140  "Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, gold parts, Kahler, headstock repair (NJ)"
616262  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, candy red (NY)"
616287  "Doctor Guitar. ""The Doctor"" inlay/body design by A. Miripolsky (R. Nielsen)"
616392  "T.L.E. Dot inlay, amberburst w/flametop, gold hardware (Canada)"
616577  "SS-I. Crown inlay/ebony, 24 fret, pearl white, signed by S. Stevens"
616584  ?  Bright yellow (CA)
616825  "T.L.E.  Dot inlay, sunburst, maple cap"
616979  "Phantom A5. Dot inlay, black, six in line headstock, pickups changed, Floyd Rose, headstock crack/repair, missing truss rod cover (PA)"
616988  "FB IV. Dot inlay, candy apple red, black hardware, signed by CT (WI)"
617001  "Scepter. Boomerang inlay, black/red, black hardware, 24 fret, Floyd (BCR-PA)"
617021  "Blitz Bass. Dot inlay, black, chrome hdwre, finish wear (MN)"
617252  "Cruisebass. Dot inlay, ice pearl, black hardware, no guard (MD)"
617309  "SS-I. Champagne metallic, Duncan pickups installed "
717991  "* FB IV Bass. Dot inlay, black/white graphic, black hardware (NJ)"
718109  "* SS-II. Dot inlay, copper metallic, black hardware "
718269  "* Chaparral Custom. Boomerang inlay/ebony, hot pink, black hardware"
719665  "* SS-1. Crown inlay, white, black hardware, headstock repair "
719783  "* Chaparral Custom. Boomerang inlay/ebony, candy apple red, OBL's"
820144  "* Standard 12 string Bass.  Dot inlay, black, unbound body, OBL's (VA)"
        * number stamped into headstock
NSN     "Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, first prototype (R. Nielsen)(1977)"
NSN     "Standard. Dot inlay, coffee table graphic, black binding, (R. Nielsen) (1979)"
X-0000  "Lap guitar. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, single pickup (R. Nielsen) (1980)"
NSN     "Uncle Dick Doubleneck. ""Cheap Trick"" inlay, 6 string (lower), 6 string w/Kahler (upper), RN caricature (R. Nielsen) (1983)"
820300  "Tommy Williams (SS-1). LED inlay, yellow, Floyd (NJ)"
820456  "Custom Sunburst. Crown inlay, dark sunburst, single humbucker,(CA)"
820501  "12 String Bass. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, OBL's (R. Nielsen)"
820502  "12 String Bass. Dot inlay, b/w checkerboard (large) finish, pool cue stand (RN)"
820571  "Chaparral. Dot inlay, ice pearl snakeskin finish, black hardware"
820741  "T.L.E. Custom 12 string. Dot inlay, solid flame maple body, headstock repair, refinished by Hamer to seafoam green, owned by Robin Zander."
922883  "Impact Bass Prototype. Boomerang inlay, ice pearl w/grey accents, headstock crack, built for/owned by Kip Winger (K. Winger-AZ)"
923142  "Chaparral ""Marilyn"". Boomerang inlay, white with Marilyn Monroe graphic,  single humbucker (painted),  Floyd Rose (PA)"
024573  "T.L.E. Custom. Boomerang inlay, teal, ""Busted"" RN graphic, Floyd Rose (RN)"
025234  "Californian 12. Boomerang inlay, black, EMG pickups, ""Ty Tabor"" on headstock (CA)"
025284  "Buddy Guy Strat. Dark abalone inlay on maple board, three color sunburst, gold hardware, EMG's, ""Buddy Guy"" on headstock.  Prototype made for Buddy Guy."
128448  "Doubleneck. Dot inlay(bolt on necks), snakeskin over ice pearl, 7 string (lower) w/vintage style tremolo, 6 string octave (upper neck) w/hardtail bridge, hardware, made for ""Maestro""Alex Gregory (CT)"
128541  "FB IV Bass. Dot/boomerang inlay, red, gold hardware, reverse headstock, unfinished neck, EMG's, formerly owned by PJ Farley of Trixter (NJ)"
129154  "Standard. Dot inlay, natural, built to R. Nielsen specs, RN signature (MD)"
232042  "Sunburst. Crown inlay, black, Floyd Rose, one volume control, black coil SD pickups, cream mounting rings, made for Vivian Campbell (CA)"
335833  "Doubleneck Bass. Dot inlay, black, four string (lower neck), eight string (upper neck. (CA)"
436866  "Archtop Custom. Crown inlay, goldtop, three pickup, knobs changed, built for B. Kaman (OH)"
439247  "Standard 8 String Bass. Dot inlay, '59 'burst flametop, EMG's, clear backplate (MD)"
543806  "Blades Bass. Flametop in '59 burst, medium scale, EMG 35P's, one tone pot, ""Rob Joseph"" on headstock (FL)"
645988  "B12A 12 String bass. Dot inlay, white w/black binding (made for Hole bassist)"
646438  "B12A 12 string bass. Dot inlay, '59 burst, last Arlington Heights 12 string bass (FL)"

0007    "Virtuoso. Dot inlay, red, hardtail bridge, gold hardware-1987 (A. Large-UK)"
717569  "Virtuoso. (small) Dot inlay, korina, replaced pickup, Floyd Rose (NJ)"
922927  "Virtuoso. Dot inlay, natural flame maple, Floyd Rose "

Steve's Hamers
0105    "1978 Hamer Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, refret"
0017    "1976 Hamer Standard. Crown inlay, sunburst, PAF bobbin in bridge, refret"
0 2197  "1980 Hamer Special. Dot inlay, natural"
1 3578  "1981 Hamer Special. Dot inlay, B/W Graphic, w/tags"
616099  "1986 Hamer Chaparral Custom. Boomerang inlay/ebony, sky blue metallic, Kahler, ""Fernando Von Arb"" on headstock"
410350  "1984 Hamer Prototype II. Dot inlay, metal grey, black hardware, Kahler"
1 3469  "1981 Hamer Sunburst. Crown inlay, cherry sunburst, third pickup route"
0 2170  "1980 Hamer Special. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, push/pull pot added"
9 1070  "1979 Hamer Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst"
410709  "1984 Hamer Phantom A5. Dot inlay, midnight blue metallic, Kahler, w/tags"
513721  "1985 Hamer Scepter. Boomerang inlay/ebony, stripped, black hardware, Floyd Rose"
0326    "1980 Hamer Standard. Dot inlay, amberburst, Kahler added, Grovers"
514378  "1985 Hamer Scepter Vee. Boomerang inlay/ebony, black/red, headstock repair"
513729  "1985 Hamer SS-1. Crown inlay, white, white/gold hardware, Floyd Rose"
0 2112  "1980 Hamer Special. Dot inlay, sky blue"